Agile Tools for Trello

The one power-up all agile teams using Trello need

Agile Tools for Trello is a free power-up which brings a bunch of useful features for Agile teams directly into your Trello boards (no browser plugins required!)

Features include

* Story Points on cards- including 1-click import of points from card titles

* Work in Progress (WIP) Limits for your lists

* Card time in list and Slow card highlighting

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Hi all. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone getting involved, commenting here or checking out Agile Tools itself. I got a lot of great feedback when I listed Corrello (which Agile Tools grew out of) nearly 3 years ago. I don't think either product would be here today without that initial feedback from the community. Cheers!
@robinwarren Where were you when my Thanksgiving dinner board was in full swing? ;)
Cool! Our team would need the point totals to work when filtering the board by card members. We use it to see how many points each person has for the sprint.
@jmsuth thanks for the info Jon. I believe the card filter status isn't available to us on the client but possibly we could still calculate this data so you could still see it somehow. I'll try to let you know if we get that in :)
This looks amazing! Will check it out.