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Interact with Jira like a Google Doc

Agile Docs takes the pain out of interacting with Jira by letting you interact with it like a google doc. You'll be able to execute your product vision better by creating your feature using Agile Doc's real time interactive tree interface.
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Let me know if you have any questions :)
@rhysdiab This is great! What about more levels of hierarchy below tasks so it can be a full WBS? If the issues are just being linked then it should be able to be arbitrary. It'd also be good to visualize dependencies beyond parent/child (like a Gantt).
@rajington Cheers Rajarshi! Did you mean like sub-tasks? Yes they can certainly be added later. The reason it doesn't now is because they are not included in the default issue types for next-gen projects.
Any plan to support Jira server? Also it’s amazing to write quick Jira tickets but in reality, you also need to add ticket priority, component etc when working at a larger co. So our workflow is: 1. Write exactly what you wrote in google doc 2. Spend time writing it back to Jira (and it’s frustrating) So I clearly see value in this, I wonder how can this work for more complex usecases.
@utsengar Hi Utkarsh. If there is enough interest from people using Jira Server I'll make it compatible. Yes, filling in the other aspects to a ticket has been brought up by another customer. I've been a little hesitant to make more configurations options on the interface as I think the primary problem with Jira is that there is too many fields everywhere. Since the demo, I've added the ability to quickly open your newly created, linked up ticket from Agile Docs so you can add the extra information you need to the ticket as a temporary solution. Regarding components and more complex workflows, that's something that will definitely be accommodated in a future version. You'll be able to create a custom hierarchy structure, including components and whatever else you like that Agile Docs will adhere to when creating new Projects. The reason it has the structure of epics => stories => tasks right now is these are the default issue types when creating a new next-gen project. Thanks for the feedback and hope that helps :). Best Regards, Rhys
I'd love to see this work directly with a google doc - we write product requirements in google docs (where they can be easily reviewed, edited, etc) and then port to JIRA. This can get out of sync, and is a tedious process to move over.