Agent Ribbit

Monthly science experiments for you and your child

Founder/Owner of Agent Ribbit, here! We just finished testing, and it seems like the sweet spot is ages 4-8. The 3s needed a little extra help from Mom and Dad (not necessarily a bad thing!) and enthusiasm seemed to drop a little around ages 10-12. The 4-8 crowd had a blast! Parents appreciated that the legwork was done - projects were planned, they didn't have to go to the craft store, the grocery store, and the hardware store to gather supplies, they didn't have to order 100 pipet droppers for one little project...all time was QUALITY time. The July box is Epidemiology, all about germs and disease. Use TRYIT10JULY to get $10 off! I'd love to hang around to answer more questions :)
This actually looks cool but what age of kid is it designed for? Frustrating that you don't get that information right on the home page.
Yeah I'm excited by the potential- part christmas part science- great to get my daughter excited and curious, but need to know more. Need an example of a couple of the experiments so I can see what I'm getting into. If it's a good fit though, would love to sign up.
I decided to give it a try. They pinged me on Twitter and were very responsive / friendly via email. Bought for 3 months.
Awesome, @byosko ! I hope you and the kiddos love it as much as we love testing everything for you!