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Agent.ai provides businesses with the tools to automate their customer service with an artificial intelligence chat functionality. With the aim to automate simple customer query responses and improve live agent efficiency, Agent.ai acts as a first point of contact for customers, responding within seconds to FAQs using artificial intelligence.

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Brad Landthorn
Brad LandthornMaker@brad_landthorn1
Hello PH community -- In October, we launched our mobile-first, AI-enhanced customer service software, designed to improve the time it takes for customers to get answers to their frequently asked questions while increasing the productivity of service agents. Building on our vision to enable companies to use Agent.ai in any customer service channel, we began beta-testing web-based support last Fall. Today, we invite any company to add our Javascript chat widget to their website to begin offering customer service to their customers and to start the process of training Agent.ai to handle the approximate 60-70% of questions most companies get that are repetitive. As with Agent.ai’s mobile and messaging software, the Agent.ai web client automation increases over three stages: The first stage consists of the AI engine monitoring agent interactions and company logs passively, as it learns to suggest and mimic the best agent responses. The second stage is called Co-Pilot. Co-Pilot suggests the appropriate response to customer questions; these are based on customer and agent interactions, support ticket resolutions, company knowledge bases, FAQs, and data from custom selected app events. Human agents can accept, edit, or reject a suggestion, which further aids the system in learning faster. As the system grows more confident in its responses, agents can turn on Auto-Pilot mode. Auto-Pilot handles routine questions so agents can focus on more complex inquiries. If a problem cannot be easily solved, the ticket will be automatically and seamlessly escalated to a human agent. Add the Agent.ai web client to your website in minutes, or if you’d like to get a quick idea of how Agent.ai works with your own company’s FAQs before integrating, sign up for an account at Agent.ai and follow the steps to have us generate a custom demo for you. We look forward to showing you what Agent.ai can do! Thank you, - The Agent.ai Team
Seth Louey
Seth LoueyHunter@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
Agent.ai has updated their service. What are your thoughts on the new updates?
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉 Makerpad.co
@sethlouey what are the updates
Brad Landthorn
Brad LandthornMaker@brad_landthorn1