AFS (Advanced Facebook Search)

Find stories, connections and photos of people on Facebook

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Advanced Facebook Search (AFS) is a search tool that allows its users to perform specific graph searches to find stories, connections, photos, events and interests of People on Facebook.

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What permissions are requested and stored by AFS? Does it store any of your information and use it in the database for others searching?
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
@flowsion Adding profile saves userID of that user to perform graph searches. It happens all within the API. No DB is used. Removing profile also removes the userID.
Irana Sverbitskaya@irana_sverbitskaya · Make up artist, Shleyf Salon
yes I would also like to know the answer for that question.
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
@irana_sverbitskaya No Database is used for this extension. It is using Chrome storage api to save and use user id for graph searches. Removing user from extension also removes the id. Nothing is stored permanently. :))
Sara@sarabcole · Marketing Director - Eyecon
I'm trying to find a Facebook post I believe brought me a large upswing in app installs last week (installs were a combination of Facebook organic and organic). I can't find anything connected to my brand through Facebook search. Would this help me or is it only connected to people?
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
Hello @sarabcole, No it does have that option for now. But your idea is pretty cool. I will definitely add that feature in next version. Thank you :))
Sara@sarabcole · Marketing Director - Eyecon
@sourav204 Awesome! I really need the feature now but make sure and let me know if you update it to include this. Thanks :)
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
@sarabcole Sure! and Thank you for your suggestion. :)
Marek Pasieczny@marek_pasieczny · Marketing Analyst @Futuramo
Great! As we all know Facebook can be very hard to use when it comes to advanced search. It returns a minor % of what we're looking for. Ready to test :)
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
@marek_pasieczny Thank you! Will appreciate your feedback. :)
Maylis Amram@maylisamr · Customer Success Manager
Isn't it a bit scary...?
Sourav Kumar PradhanMaker@sourav204 · Developer
@maylisamr Not really. Despite the flexibility, Facebook Graph Searches are limited to Privacy Settings.