Affinity Designer

Vector art & design • Imagined by designers, created for Mac

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1 Review5.0/5
What's the verdict on this compared to Sketch?? Would be keen to hear thoughts.
@1greigcranfield I think it's more fair to compare it to Illustrator. I personally use Sketch for UI design and Affinity Designer whenever I need to create some vector graphics (like icons).
@1greigcranfield I replaced Sketch with Affinity Designer and I am so happy I did. Sketch was just too buggy for me, and I struggled with it way too much in the past for making production-quality graphics. Also for the price of Sketch you can buy both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photos (an excellent photoshop replacement).
Awesome tool, helped me to follow up with my graphical design skills. highly recommended for all developers who want to start working with images..