Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform helping professionals leverage their networks to achieve their business priorities. Using patent-pending technology, Affinity helps teams manage and grow their networks by unlocking introductions to decision makers and auto-populating pipelines to increase deal flow.

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Hi ProductHunt! We’re very excited to be here! We started Affinity almost three years ago with the thesis that relationships are one of the most valuable asset any business possesses. We set out to solve 3 primary challenges that we heard repeatedly from leaders in the industry. 1) Automatically manage business relationships Managing relationships requires a ton of manual data entry which makes us vulnerable to making costly mistakes. From forgetting to log meetings to neglecting adding contact info in your CRM, manual entry impedes team alignment and wastes time you could spend actually doing your job. Affinity resolves these issues by automatically populating your pipelines with the crucial data points you need. We even enrich contact info with 3rd party data to put everything you need, right in your workflow. 2) Prioritizing business relationships Identifying which relationships in your team's network are the most important is a big challenge. Affinity leverages AI and natural language processing to synthesize all your team's communication data to understand who knows whom, which emails have you forgotten to follow up with, and which relationships are at risk that you might want to engage with again. 3) Effectively leveraging your team's network Growing your network is more than just increasing your followers. The world's best business leaders effectively leverage the right relationships at the right time. Affinity surfaces your team’s relationship graph and makes it actionable. We even allow you to connect outside your team with AlliancesTM to leverage your investor, advisor or even mentor relationships and instantly see who they can warmly introduce you to. After years of hard work, we’ve assembled an incredible team to tackle the most complex infrastructure challenges and deliver an intuitive, powerful product for any business that sees its networks as an important, underutilized currency. Our goal is to bring the next generation of relationship intelligence to all businesses, so everyone can leverage their most valuable asset, their network. If you are interested in Affinity, we are offering all Product Hunt users a 14 day free trial. Please request a demo on the website, and we will be in touch very shortly! We are happy to answer any questions you have through the comments section below! Would love to hear your feedback, and excited to show you what we’ve built :)
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@shubham_goel1 Great product Shubham :) Something which we were planning to make few months back but destiny had something else stored for us. Nevertheless, couple of thoughts if you are planning to do B2B : a) Track companies who are hiring for business development manager , alliances manager, partnership and alliance manager because these are the companies who would love to have a tool which can help them partner with other companies leveraging their network. b) Track companies who are hiring for corporate sales/B2B sales because they again would be happy to use a tool which can help them fill their pipeline. c) Track companies who have recently raised funds because this is the time when they would be focussing excessively on partnerships, sales and BD Would be happy to hear your thoughts on same :)
I tried every major CRM out there and hated all of them. The biggest issue for me is that CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce don't sync well with email--you either need to send emails from CRM interface or else remember to BCC the CRM in the email client. This creates a lot of errors in logging and adds a layer of headache for when you need to separate communication across professional streams (ie sourcing clients, raising money, personal stuff, etc). Affinity lives on top of your email client and intelligently categorizes and logs communication for you. It is a game changer because it requires very little maintenance on my part. As a result, I don't need to spend 40 minutes at the end of each day to go through my email client and make sure that everything is logged as I need. It is an insanely elegant solution. After using Affinity for about 8 months, I can confidently say that other CRMs out there look like dinosaurs to me now.
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@dmitry_zhdankin Thanks Dmitry! We love what you are doing at Finfox and so glad you are a client. Appreciate the support.
The Alliances feature where you can share and get visibility into someone else's network is most unique and interesting. The obvious use case is within a team or company but this can also be handy for investor <> founder relationships. How are you seeing people use it now, @shubham_goel1?
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@rrhoover that’s what i’m most interested in - just requested a demo
@rrhoover @passingnotes Great question! As you rightly pointed out, there are two main ways our customers are benefitting from Alliances today: Internal alliances - Allowing them to get instant visibility into any of their colleague's networks. A simple example would be: "Who at my company knows someone at company X? I'm trying to strike a deal with X and need to figure out the best path to get into the door." External alliances - Allowing them to get visibility into trusted partners' networks. As you mentioned, the founder <> investor relationship is really key. We are super bullish on this - we imagine a world where every time an investor gives an entrepreneur a term sheet / invests, it should almost be contractual for them to ally with the entrepreneur. After all, one of the biggest value adds investors provide their companies is access to their network for fundraising, business development, and sales - and Affinity is a really tangible way to do that. Many of our customers that are startups (you can read in reviews above as well) ally with their investors and vice-versa as soon as they join Affinity. Apart from founder <> investor relationships, we've seen so many other alliance relationships on Affinity: advisor <> founder, non-profit fundraiser <> board of non-profit, VC <> limited partner, salesperson <> ex-colleague who sold to the same territory.. We really do think that for anyone who leverages their network, there is a group of 15-30 people outside your team who consistently help you do your job better - external alliances are designed to make that as tangible as possible. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have follow up questions :)

Been a paying user of Affinity for a while now, and it's been worth every penny.


- Beautiful UI

- Love the network leveraging

- Super easy to build investor/organization lists with intelligent insight like connections



Thank you for your kind words Spencer! Glad you're enjoying your experience with Affinity!!

I've been using this for over a year for everything in our startup, from lists of customers and prospective customers to lists of investors, advisors, and the like and I have enjoyed the simplicity. Compared to other CRMs this tool is much broader likely because it leverages a spreadsheet-like interface which makes it much more familiar, yet somehow it feels a lot easier to use. Other CRMs are only optimized for sales, but don't go broader to accommodate other use cases and that made them very unintuitive.

But aside from the basic features, hands down the best features are the network ones like the ability to map your network and see the strength of your connection and leverage it with the Alliances feature. By adding allies who can help you get intros to people in a secure and safe way (without exposing people's entire rolodexes) you can leverage their network and expand yours. I would highly recommend this to anyone running a startup who has to manage a number of different people and organizations in one place, it's been a lifesaver for us.


- great UI, w/ a familiar spreadsheet-like interface

- simple concepts - person & organization

- leverage network w/ alliances

- A+ support


- hard to visualize a pipeline

Thank you for the kind words Anand! I'm so glad you've enjoyed using Affinity so far. Would love to hear more on what you'd like to see in terms of visualizing a pipeline! We have a lot of new stuff coming up this next quarter and hopefully that addresses some of the concerns you have with the platform :)