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Affinio's goal is to find the tribes within any social audience and provide strategists with the deep psychographic insights they need to immerse themselves in the culture of each niche community.
Hi! I'm @phil_renaud, one of the co-founders of Affinio. @neeraj, thanks for posting us! If anybody has any questions, I'd be very happy to answer them. We're excited about several new features, including Instagram and Pinterest insights, and custom monitoring.
Hi @phil_renaud, what would you consider being your main difference with a tool like SIMM/TGI. Also, identifying tribes & consumption habits only through their social graph may not encompass real-life insights, how would you tackle that ? Finally, any idea on potential pricing ?
@marwannas Hi Marwann! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you here. While I'm not familiar with SIMM/TGI, at a glance it looks like they're using either cookie-based tracking or traditional survey to determine user behaviour. This can be very useful for finding out how the most active users behave. In our case, we're more interested in looking at the whole pool of social media users, even when they don't tweet (but only follow / listen). We've found that this is an under-noticed group online. The way that we identify tribes doesn't in and of itself identify consumer insights; it merely groups users of similar follower/following behaviour with one another. We find that more often than not, however, after segmentation, looking at their tweet and follow and fave behaviour in groups is very rewarding for determining real-life insights. Watching a new brand pop up and become followed by a single tribe of early-adopters is only step 1; looking at how that relates to their other interests, faves, and tweets is an easy next step that we provide in-platform as well. We aim for maximum data at the level of segmentation, then provide the user with tools to make the insights more clear. As far as pricing, feel free to drop us a line at or and we'd love to chat!
@affin @phil_renaud Hi Phil, thanks a lof for your answer. Give me a lot more insight about what is :-) It may be useful some day in the future ! Indeed, SIMM/TGI uses traditional surveys on "a sample representative of the whole population" (to use their words)
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