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Affine Finance is a B2B finance marketplace matching finance professionals (supply side) to part-time / one-time opportunities by companies (demand side), ranging from part-time CFO roles, pricing analysts, ICO advisors, CPAs, M&A, fundraising and more. The platform is currently launched in private beta.

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Hi all - we are an on-demand marketplace matching finance and accounting experts to companies looking for that expertise. “Experts” could be a wide range of freelance professionals - from the common titles such as CFOs, M&A experts, investor relations etc. - to more niche professionals such as pricing experts, e-commerce experts, R&D credits experts, OCIOs etc. Our pricing model is also unique, and can incorporate equity compensation, deferred or contingent payments (to the extent allowed to us by law as of now; we are evaluating getting a company broker-dealer license to broaden this scope), and more. We are aiming to be an end-to-end platform, and a one-stop shop for all on-demand financial services. Some of our platform’s key differentiated features include comprehensive on-boarding processes for experts (contractors), including an in-depth analysis of skills and background, our matching methodologies, continuous updates to expert profiles, and ability to structure unconventional payment terms. Please let us know if you have any questions / feedback!
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Hi all, I am in charge of the talent side of Affine Finance (supply side) and focus on onboarding experts on to our marketplace. Today our experts range from bookkeepers to CFOs and ex-investment bankers, and we are continuously onboarding new experts 24/7!! We have a thorough on-boarding process (which is today a mix of automated + manual, but rapidly going towards 100% automation) including onboarding tests, case studies, interviews and reference checks. We are also piloting "adaptive" tests to figure out the comprehensive skillsets of our experts and degree of expertise within each focus area. Please let me know if you have any questions! Khoi
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Hi everyone - I am leading the business development efforts at Affine Finance, and primarily working on reaching out to and onboarding new customers (demand side). We are focused on a wide range of companies Series A+ startups, established enterprises, mid-side companies, and investment funds. Services on our platform are varied - from traditional services like M&A, fundraising support etc. to more niche services like Adaptive Insights experts and ICO advisors. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have! Regards, David
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Hi all - we are so excited to launch on Product Hunt today! I am the business development analyst at Affine Finance! Please let me know how I can help - happy to talk about working with us, what we do, partnerships / referrals, or anything else! Best, Jennifer
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Exceptional follow through and efficiency. Affine Finance has high professional standards and customers are delighted with the results.


Very professional!



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Thanks Corinne!