A social network with interest-specific channels, like on TV

Affimity is founded to make it easier to meet and socialize with others who share our passions. Affimity reimagines today's noisy all-in-one social network as a network of interest-specific channels instead. Much like on your TV, Affimity has a growing list of channels like Food, Parenting, Digital Life, Music, Hollywood, At Home Moms, Celebs, DIY, Careers ...  In each channel, users can browse curated news/pics/posts/videos/questions/polls from other members, offer comments and answers, and enjoy a much more focused social milieu. We don't need to worry about context-switching from one post to another, or fear spamming our entire friend list with a rant or a rave only a few would empathize with.  Most importantly, we can easily find and form new relationships - an intimate "friend" or a more distant "follow" - based on a shared passion. We feel these are more rewarding and less ephemeral, given that you actually have something in common.  Enjoy! We are grateful for any and all feedback.