Affiliates Point

Retarget users from any link you share

Add your Facebook pixel to every link you share to re-target people who clicked on it.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hi guys! I’m the developer of AffiliatesPoint. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m here.
This is so cool! You should mention Facebook in the tagline though. I initially expected it to be global.
This tool is truly amazing. Unbelievable is free as well! Well done Angelo.

I'm a novice at anything with keywords "Pixel" "adWords" "redirect" so

I really wasted my time except for search facebook and networking.


Site Easy to navigate, and search facebook


No tutorials videos or way to learn how to use the site

There is no help button or way to contact. once you create a pixel how do you use it to retarget?
@doug_jay Just select your pixel while creating a new redirect!