A minimalistic and aesthetic tetris game in the web browser.
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I think this is valuable. We must regain, reshape or recreate our old fashioned games — the ones that we played and shared with all the people, all together. You thought about something, planned, worked on it, spent time for a legendary game that is not changed for decades so I appreciated that. I believe the added thing is the integration for the current design trends but it can be improved with some new game trends as well :) Personally, I enjoyed and I believe that's how it should be as a start. Good one, well done. Appreciated. That would be great to see it on App Store/s.
@atknoz Hi Atakan! Thanks for the incredible feedback, we really appreciate it :) I totally agree, do you have any game trends in mind? ;)
Just wanted to share this little project. Feedback greatly appreciated :)
@j0annr Its awesome, the speed seemed a little to fast for the 1st level, maybe its just me playing it after many many years. Also in one place there seemed to be a glitch. The square was floating on top of an empty square after the line got cleared, ideally it should have automatically dropped in that empty square but it was floating above it. Regarding some new ideas to make it something new than the classic tetris, few pointers or suggestions: 1. You can try an aspect ratio or 16:9 or somewhat rectangular to fill up most of the screen since I am not playing it in a mobile device but a browser window, which is usually a landscape viewport. That itself might make it more interesting and challenging to fill up and play, also for beginners they will get more time to not fill up the complete screen since now they have a bigger area to play in and fill. 2. You can also try different sizes of the tetris pieces to increase difficulty or the overall time to fill up the whole area. Also you can give the users/players more control over the sizes like giving them a size option or something like a grid option or if you would really like to make a breakthrough game try making the dimension of the play area responsive: Like having the dimensions change live when the user/player resizes the browser window. Or if you want a simpler code (though it might also be complex but simpler than the earlier implementation) try providng a slider to change the grid size or to change the tetris piece size so that the user can keep doing that while the game is on, without rebooting. 3. You can add some objects or coins or some elements in between few pieces or area of the screen so that when they fall on that area the player gets those points or some powers like lightning bolt to increase the speed which can be a negative power or having a sandbox icon on which if you drop a tetris block it slows down the rate of the falling pieces. Or a bomb which clears 2-3 rows at once. Something like those brick and bar games or like candycrush. Just some friendly suggestions, so that people get hooked to your game and they keep coming back to play it for new features, or new releases and they don't get bored playing the same thing for 2-3 times and then never come back on to your website. You can also use the above ideas in different releases of the game like updates and you can lure the user with an annoucement of an upcoming update with "so and so features" so that they look forward to your website or the page and you get more traffic or more engaging users/players. DM me on my mail ID: roypurbayan@gmail.com if you have any more queries or need any more clarification in any of the above points. Would be more than happy to elaborate or re-explain or simple know if any of the suggestions are to your liking. Thanks, All the best for your future iterations and more games to come, Purbayan Roy UI/UX Designer
i like the game, but i was expect more than regular tetris
@hassan_aboueldahab thanks! :) any idea what you would add to the game?
It's just simply amazing that you could pull this off on the web. I'm completely blown away, The delivery is just perfect. Just curious is this project open source?
@megamindactual Hey Dan, thanks for your feedback! Due to some major limitations such are resxponivsness we didn't release the code yet.