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Love my AeroPress although doesn't make enough to fill my thermos sadly. I've also started using it with an Able Brewing Disk Filter which apparently lets more oils through than the paper filters...
@ay8s How big is your thermos? It seems like the coffee that comes out of mine is closer to espresso, I usually add water after pressing (and can fill a standard serving thermos, but I guess not a giant-drink-all-day thermos).
@ay8s I typically make "Americano" coffees with mine (basically making espresso with the Aeropress & adding water), so I usually do OK with a thermos, but it's a little at the edge for me. The main thing is making coffee for more people. During times when guests are around, I wish for a Mega Aeropress to make coffee for a group, but I find it easier to just be an intolerable buffoon so people stay away. That seems like a good life lesson for kids: "Don't want to share? Just be a jerk and nobody will want your stuff anymore!"
Just bought one of these about a week ago and can say it's one of the cheapest, quickest ways to make espresso. And unlike a French press or Moka pot it's super quick and easy to clean. Highly recommended.
this has been around since 2005. unless i'm missing something, this isn't an entirely new product, right?
@jcap49 For some values of new it is. In the world of snobby coffee preparation methods it's incredibly new.
Can't live without mine!
This AeroPress intrigues me. Our devs absolutely swear by this thing. Personally, I'm afraid of anything that purports to make coffee without a plug... not sure why.