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Krish Dholakiya
Krish Dholakiya@krrishd ·
this seems really nice! out of curiosity, what's the value proposition as compared to something like that addresses a very similar (if not the same) problem?
Jason Gowans
Jason GowansHunter@jasongowans · Co-Founder Aerobatic
@krrishd There are indeed a number of similarities between Aerobatic and divshot. Aerobatic is focused specifically on single page applications whereas divshot seems geared towards general static site hosting. In addition to scalable cloud hosting of assets, Aerobatic provides a suite of platform modules to augment what can be accomplished in the browser alone including an API proxy, Auth support, with more in the works. Aerobatic seeks to be the ideal platform for running single page applications.
Michael Bleigh
Michael Bleigh@mbleigh · Firebase Engineer
@krrishd Aerobatic and Divshot are definitely in the same space, though the philosophies seem to be a bit different. Aerobatic appears to be (@jasongowans correct me if I'm wrong) pitching a pretty specific workflow including using Grunt and specifically targeting "rewrite everything to index.html" apps. Divshot is a modern static web hosting platform. We do pushState routing, cache control, and all that jazz but without locking it into a particular toolset. It works fantastic for Angular apps with a Grunt workflow, but equally great for Jekyll blogs or Ember apps built with Broccoli. We also just (today, actually!) launched a beta for Divshot Services that give you AJAX proxy, form to email, and SEO prerendering. This isn't Highlander, there can be more than one. The static web ecosystem is just starting to pick up steam, and we're happy to welcome another company working to improve it into the mix!
Jason Gowans
Jason GowansHunter@jasongowans · Co-Founder Aerobatic
@mbleigh Congratulations on the new features in beta. You're right that this whole space is still growing up and, as with any tech space worth mentioning, there'll always be (and should be) multiple options for users / customers that address their their needs as the market continues to evolve.