Wireless earbuds that just work. AirPods alternative

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These look cool, but the claim that they "just work" is not believable yet. You haven't explained why these will work where others have failed, or really given me any faith in why these will do anything you've suggested they will. These are clearly just computer renders of headphones. Where's the demo video? If they're shipping in 2 weeks, why haven't any review units gone out? Where's your track record? What have you guys built before? A little bit of communication would really go a long way towards taking this from a pretty (albeit scrolljacking) website into a tangible, believable product that somebody might want to actually plunk down $90-130 for. Not trying to be rude - honestly just trying to help you convince me or anybody else to purchase these.
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@nadomars Hey Mario, those are all valid points. 1) We recently got a sample batch from the manufacturer and have a photoshoot slated soon. For now, here are some photos I just took with them on (lol): 2) We've built & shipped successful hardware products before. See HackBook Elite on PH. 3) Not a fan of scrolljacking either, but thanks for calling it pretty. It likes you too 😘..
@jack7kim @nadomars i didn't know you guys sell out of HackBooks.
@nadomars Sorry @jack7kim, but as @boymeetscode has mentioned these in your ears are clearly Jabees ( as we can see their logo ( Again — care to explain?
@komocode @nadomars HackBook just seems like another @jack7kim scam to me… Isn't it just a wiped out HP ELITEBOOK 8460p? Even the pictures on their website are the same. Oh, their "community" tell you how to install OSX (illegally)? Well, so does YouTube.
@williamwright @komocode @nadomars Not sure why you're calling it a scam.. It's a perfectly functioning product sold as an open laptop package ready to run any OS. It does what it says - very well. Sure, you can go out and buy an EliteBook, SSD, more RAM, a compatible WiFi chip (all separately), then go through the trouble of finding the right guide. Or you can just buy a HackBook Elite that ships with everything. Also, please see my comment below regarding Jabees.
Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith! Excited to launch Aero Audio along w/ our first product today. Aero FLUX are truly wireless earbuds similar to Apple's AirPods but smaller and more affordable. Features include noise isolation, charging carrying case, water resistance, 33ft range, and pairing up to 2 devices at once. Not only do they look natural in your ears (unlike AirPods imo), they sound great. Unlike other crowdfunding products, Aero FLUX are fully developed, manufactured, and available for pre-order, and will ship in the next 2 weeks. Use coupon code "PRODUCTHUNT" at checkout for $10 off! And keep an eye out for new Aero Audio products coming soon! Feel free to tweet me with any questions!
@jack7kim @_jacksmith Hi Jack, these looks dope! Before buying I have few questions: Can I workout with them? Will this sustain the sweat? What is the quality of the microphone? What does it means, 4 cycles per charge? Thanks
@jack7kim Congrats on launch! When did you start working on this?
@rotemthegolfer @_jacksmith 1) Yes! The eartips are shaped in that rather peculiar way to prevent them from falling out no matter what you're doing (unless, you know, like you're physically taking them out lol). 2) Yes! It's sweat-proof. 3) I've had no trouble talking to people on the phone with them on. 4) A fully charged Power Pouch can provide 4 full charges for the earbuds.
@jack7kim @_jacksmith Thanks. The international shipping is 25% cost of the product :-( is there something to be done about it?
Not sure what @jack7kim is up to but these are fairly common. This product has been out there for a good while now. Just take a look at Amazon: or Alibaba From first glance, it looks like this "company" is just acting as a re-seller.
@boymeetscode These are EXACTLY the same down to the same colours, exact same charging/carry box and "9 different eartips"!! @jack7kim Care to explain?
@williamwright he even posted some photos with them in his ear. If you look closely, you can just barely make out the Jabees logo ( I feel like the photo was intentionally take with a blur just so you couldn't tell.
@boymeetscode OMG! Yup, you can clearly read Jabees…
@boymeetscode @williamwright Hey Parker - Yep, FreeTek is the parent manufacturing company that we work with - they also sell the Jabees line themselves (you can even directly buy one from Amazon right now - albeit for a higher price than Aero FLUX). Aero Audio works with different OEMs and ODMs to manufacture our products, which is pretty common practice in hardware. A more well-known case of a relationship/business like this is Beats-Monster (in their early days) and Vizio-AmTran. We're clearly not a "re-seller" of Jabees products - we sell Aero-branded products. If you choose to, you can still buy the Jabees over Aero FLUX for a higher price, less trustable brand, and lacking customer support. Hope that helps explain!
@jack7kim @boymeetscode So you are just rebranding an existing product? Nothing to see here folks… Move along…
these will be shipping before the Apple AirPods ship. I've seen photos of the maker wearing them and they look very cool.
@_jacksmith Can we see the photo please?
@rotemthegolfer @_jacksmith We recently got a sample batch from the manufacturer and have a photoshoot slated soon. For now, here are some photos I just took with them on:
@rotemthegolfer @_jacksmith Sorry @jack7kim, but as @boymeetscode has mentioned these in your ears are clearly Jabees ( as we can see their logo ( Again — care to explain?
@williamwright @_jacksmith @jack7kim @boymeetscode I will also love to hear the explanation ...
Price was right to impulse spend and satiate my curiosity. I'll report back once I've tried them. Looking for: - Audio quality equivalent to earpods (acceptable, but not out-of-the-park) - Battery life (4hrs is the claim from the site) - Connection quality - many products in this space have issues staying connected to the device in question (the antennas are impeded by the fluid/mass of your head) The site could be a bit better designed, and the checkout process was a bit odd (Paypal authorized me for the "charge" before I finished selecting shipping). Looking forward to trying them!
@ryanminnick The Paypal bug seems odd - we use Shopify for the whole checkout process so we'll reach out to them :)