Smart weather that speaks your language.

#3 Product of the DayMay 22, 2016
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Cool product, but the landing page is very very close (if not a copy) of ...
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@widawskij probably because they copied the code source
Hello Product Hunt people, This is a great moment for me, losing my PH-virginity with my side-project. A project that had over 20 design iterations that could have been in the AppStore right now. This is the lucky one. Thanks @sebyddd for hunting this down! 6-month roadmap: - add multiple cities - better social sharing - native Apple Watch app - native Apple TV app - more weather phrases - web app - trying to improve the accuracy, which now depends on Aerium for Android is coming in the next few days, so stay tuned. Follow @getaerium on Twitter if you want it. Also, shoot me any questions or feedback. — I also posted on Medium about this launch. — If you want to write about the app, I'll send you a promo code. Feel free to share over the internet.
And by the way, thanks to @perteadrian & @sebyddd who made this possible.
@perte @sebyddd @getaerium Congrats, guys! It looks awesome. Looking forward for the android version.
@perte @sebyddd @getaerium I'd love an Android code when it's available
The English in the notifications needs some work: • "there is a chance of 85% of raining tomorrow" • "it's damn too hot"
@sfhosley I think it's pretty clear. There's a CHANCE that you MIGHT get an 85% CHANCE. I like those odds! ;)
Looks amazing Raul. Can I ask where the weather data is being pulled from? If I was going to use another weather app I'd need to know the data is coming from the most accurate source (for us in Australia - Bureau of Meteorology BOM)
@zinzi_bianca It's currently from, but Raul said they're hoping to improve the accuracy in the next 6 months.
Wish the page wouldn't force me to open in App Store...