A beautiful aerial screensaver for your Mac

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Shahab Shabibi
@shahab_21 · Co-Founder @ Machine Ventures
Awesome! I think Apple will soon put that in the Macs. In github you mention it is live from Apple which is cool to be updated but my question is that, does it get saved after one time playing it or it gets streamed every time?
Esteban Aravena
@esbvn · Director of Client Services
Apple has to be thinking about adding this to Macs in the future.
@t55 · Mac'aholic
We definitely should see some imagery here. Cool to have the Apple TV screensavers on the Mac :)
Os Sánchez
@oscarsanchezo · Co-Founder, Toky
It's been a long time without good screen savers :)
Juanjo Conti
@jjconti · Programmer at Carousel Apps
Does it work without Internet connection?