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This looks amazing, I must have i- oh.. $259.
Bad lighting is a huge pet peeve of mine. I used to unscrew the obnoxious overhead lightbulbs above my desk at PlayHaven (previous startup I worked at). This OLED lamp looks slick and includes capacitive touch and a wireless base station for Qi compatible mobile devices. It's a bit pricey at $259 (pre-order).
@rrhoover Looks awesome, thanks for sharing. I'm exactly the same way about lighting.
@rrhoover Yep, this is definitely baller.
@rrhoover Thanks for featuring aerelight! Bad lighting drives me crazy as well. We are hoping to be able to bring the cost down over time. It's a new technology though, so it'll take some time.
@rrhoover Thanks for promoting aerelight!
@rrhoover Something to purchase once I reach ballter status. And to strive for in the meantime!
Been watching this product for a while. Really looking forward to trying it!
Yeah, that CNET article says it best: "With Aerelight, you aren't getting a distinct upgrade in light quality relative to cheaper lamps, and you can't adjust the OLED panel's angle, either." It seems not worth the price tag
@antoniorus CNET reviewed an early build prototype. The design of the final version (now shipping) was modified to address the issues brought up in the review.
1) What are some examples of Qi compatible mobile devices? 2) what happens if the bulb blows (or the led equivalent)
@_jacksmith 1) Google Nexus 4/5/6/7/9, Nokia Lumia 1520/929/928/920/, and LG G2 (Verizon) all work with Qi out of the box. Receivers are available for many other popular phones from our friends at ChargeSpot http://shop.chargespot.com/colle.... 2) The OLED panel can be replaced, but is designed to last the lifetime of the product.