Aer Duffel Pack

The Modern Office and Gym Bag

#5 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2014
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Looks fantastic; $210 including UK shipping is a liiiittle bit expensive though :(
@jongold Thanks, Jon! International shipping has been a big issue for us since we're a small startup. The shipping costs are based on estimates we've received from the USPS and is the most cost-effective solution we can offer. We wish there was a better solution for the small volumes we are working with.
This looks to be a great bag - would love to see @achoicolate & team create some padded camera inserts for it since it has convenient single zip which would let me access my gear quickly. @ghobs91 I prefer my Mission Workshop bag as it is very versatile - expands when needed, but stays slim when not:
This looks great! Are there other bags like this?
@nikitakorotaev A couple (also not cheap options) come to mind, both found on Product Hunt: 1. Minaal: 2. Colfax:
@nikitakorotaev Check out our Duffel, might be more in your price range. Cheers.
Great design and functionality, but as others have said, $180 for a backpack is a bit much.
@ghobs91 Thanks, Ghobs! The bag has a lot functionality, which leads to higher labor costs, and uses premium materials like ballistic nylon so the price reflects those aspects. However it's available at $149 for our backers!