Aeolus ASP

Easily design and optimize your own drone 🛩️

Aeolus ASP is an aerodynamic design tool for drones and light aircraft 🛩️. It allows you to easily model arbitrary fixed-wing aircraft concepts and to optimize model parameters, such as the wing shape.

Test your design ideas in almost real-time, see the impact of design changes, and find the optimal design for your mission requirements.

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Hi everyone! 🚀 I'm Uwe Schuster, aircraft design engineer and founder of Aeolus- a young company in the French Alps providing aviation enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals with affordable, fast, and powerful simulation tools for aircraft conceptual and preliminary design. After 3 years of development, validation, and some great customer feedback, here is the aerodynamic design tool Aeolus ASP, which I hope you will find useful for your design challenges. I would love to hear your thoughts and will answer any of your questions🛩️