Become a part of videos for your friends 💫

Aech is a better way to share videos with friends. Add comments and reactions as you watch, then puts them into the video next time it's played. It's like you're right there watching it with them! 🎉

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Hi Product Hunt! 👋 My name is Brett and I’m extremely excited to launch my first product ever today: Aech: Videos + Friends 💫 🔥 The Problem Video sharing is broken. Right now, we either tag our friends in the (very public and very crowded) comments of a Facebook post, or we send them a YouTube/Vimeo link and follow up with an explanation of what/when/where they should be paying attention. Any interaction past that, and we have to flip between apps to make a meaningful connection or add any more value to the original video. 💡 The Solution Aech lets you add thoughts and reactions to a video as you watch, and then packages them right into the video itself for the next viewer. Each one is time-tracked and displays within the video at the time it was created, so you can drop an “Omg 😻” at the 0:37 mark and it will pop up right alongside the cute kitten that gave you those feels. Click any comment and immediately skip to that point in the video, letting you get to the best parts of the video quickly and easily ⚡️ A few more features that improve the sharing experience: - Groups: create a squad of friends and enjoy videos together in private 🎉 - Tagging: tag a friend at a specific point in a video with a personal note. They’ll get linked to the video + started at the time that you tagged them, with the message alongside 👀 - Comment filtering: sort and filter the comments by squad, votes, date, time, and more. You can quickly see how each of your friends or squads are receiving a video, or discover what the best parts of the video are based on the comments with the most votes 💖 🔮 The Future Aech is already a better way to share videos with friends, but there is still a ton room to improve. We’ve been listening to our enthusiastic beta users and have a couple significant features on the radar that we think will further enhance the video sharing experience. We would love nothing more than for you to try it out and let us know what you think so we can make it as useful and fun as possible ✨ I’m happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback you have. Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful Friday 🙏
I've been following Aech for a while, congrats Brett! The final product looks awesome I cant wait to start sharing it around
@zachmax Thanks Zach 🤗 I'm happy that you've enjoyed using the beta - thanks for the feedback along the way!
I’ve loved using Aech in beta for the last few weeks– such a nice break from the endless stream of Tasty recipes and Elite Daily vids that flood my Facebook. That being said, are there any use cases you had in mind for Aech that go beyond “lmfaaoo this cat thooo”? Thanks!
@cgrayy Love to hear that, Claire 😺 There are absolutely use cases outside of basic social sharing that Aech can be used for. A couple strong ones we’ve seen so far: 📖 Studying: watch a lecture and take notes along the way to create a quick and easy study guide that you can go back to and review 🤔 Coaching / Feedback: we have coaches in a couple of fields (acting, football, etc.) that use Aech to review film and give feedback. They say it’s much more effective at pinpointing specific parts of a video than how they previously did it with standard docs 🌎 Travel / Personal Videos: one of my favorite use cases is the solo-annotation of a personal video. I take a lot of videos when I travel and want to share them with family - instead of sending a paragraph alongside the video and making Mom flip back and forth, I add the context right into the video and walk her through what’s happening. It makes it easier and more enjoyable for all of us :) Thanks for asking!
@balindenberg Totally see those. Studying w Aech would have been clutch in college– I'd watch my online lectures at 2x speed and then pause, take notes in a different app, flip back to the video, resume, repeat. V ineffective and draining. It reminds me a lot of what Genius aimed to do with text, but for videos (: Great job 💫