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Manage and optimise your advertising with Adzooma. Use machine learning to apply custom opportunities in one click. Add automation rules to save time every week. Generate custom reports in seconds. It’s the only online advertising platform you’ll ever need.
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Hi everyone! I’m David Sharpe, the co-founder of Adzooma. I’d like to say a big thank you for being hunted – and give a brief overview of how Adzooma can save you time and money on your ads. Back when we were a small agency, we wasted hours carrying out repetitive tasks and wished there was an easier way to manage our campaigns. So we built it. Knowing the impact it could have on other businesses, we decided to release it to the market. Then, at an ad:tech conference, a Google Partner Manager had a demo of our platform and invited us to join the Google Partner Accelerator Program. From there, we’ve also become Google Partner, a Facebook Partner and developed Adzooma to be the best solution on the market. Currently, Adzooma can support your Google and Facebook Ads, but we’re not stopping there. We’ll incorporate Microsoft Advertising into the mix soon, becoming the all-in-one solution for your advertising. Here’s how Adzooma can help you: 🚀Get intelligent data and analysis of your accounts, see where you’re wasting ad spend and where you can increase your return on investment. 🏆Improve your campaign’s performance by applying personalised opportunities with just a click. 🔔 Eliminate repetitive tasks by setting up automated rules – and get instant notifications when changes are applied to your account. ⏰ Add as many accounts as you want and switch between them in seconds. 🤟🏻 Sign-up with multiple users so your entire team can get involved. 📈Generate custom and easy-to-understand reports, ready to send to your bosses or clients. You can find more information on our website here: We’re happy to answer any questions and look forward to seeing what comments you’ve got for us!
Congrats on the launch! Really interesting product to manage GAds, we even reviewed it at:
@matt_pliszka Awesome, thanks!
Dropping by from SaaS Mantra Fam - Adzooma is an awesome tool for Paid Ads. Been using it for Google Ads and now with the launch of Facebook Ads, I'm excited to see where the product development goes. Best of luck Adzooma Team!
@ankit_rana1 Thanks for the kind words Ankit!
@ankit_rana1 Hey Ankit, thanks again for all of your feedback over the past months. Very excited to continue working with you when we release new tools and features
Congrats on the launch! 🚀Curious to know if your suggestions are AI driven and do you support multiple ad accounts (my clients' under one facebook business manager)? 🤔
@antonio_dmya Hi Antonio, all the Opportunities that Adzooma presents are all driven from our machine learning 'Opportunities Engine' as we call it! Yes, we support both Google MCC and Facebook BM accounts. When you connect to Adzooma, you will be given an option of connecting as many or as few of the accounts within your manager account as you want. Cheers!
Pretty Intuitive platform and killer features, we have simplified PPC Campaigns optimisations using it!