Hyper-targeted advertising and outreach

Adzoola helps you find where your target audience is, so you can be ultra targeted with your ad targeting, link building and outreach activities.

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@Alexhasideas this looks like a tool that could save lots of time - what inspired the idea?
Thanks @abadesi, it came from working with clients, helping them with their Digital Marketing for the last 9 years or so. With increased competition, getting an ROI becomes a lot harder in a crowded space. So I needed to find highly relevant places I could reach a specific target audience. That's how I came up with Adzoola.
Do you offer a trial? I would love to take a look
Hi @jackfitzgerald there isn't at the moment. DM me if you're interested and we can have a chat.
Hello Product Hunters! Alex from Adzoola here. Thank you to @Adithya Shreshti for 'Hunting' Adzoola and to @abadesi for alerting me to it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Adzoola's aim is to help Digital Marketers find where their target audience spends their time online: - The web pages and sites they visit. - The videos and channels they watch or subscribe to. - The social media profiles they follow. Ever heard of 'Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time?' Adzoola helps you find hyper-relevant places to get your message in front of your target audience so you can connect with them when they're most interested in what you have to offer. That could be through display advertising, video ads, social media advertising, collaborations, PR, even link building and idea generation for content marketing. Here's a highlight of some of Adzoola's best features: - Web Search Find places across the web that your audience is visiting - just enter your target keywords and select the country you're targeting to get top ranked pages. Choose the pages you want Adzoola to investigate for opportunities and it'll go out and find them live so you can see which pages show ads from Google; which have potential direct ad opportunities; what social media profiles are associated with the page/website and whether they show content discovery platforms. - Video Search With Video Search you can delve into YouTube's search results to find super relevant videos and channels already talking to your audience. With the statistics and data you'll get, you can narrow the results even further to get exactly the videos/channels you want for your campaign - whether that's a YT ad campaign, channel partnership or just ideas for your own content. - Channel Explorer Review and compare data across multiple YouTube channels. Analyse specific channels you've found in Video Search or manually enter channel URLs. I'd love to get your feedback.
@alexhasideas Wish I had found you initially to tag you as the maker here. What's on Azoola's road map? I had seen Azoola on another platform few months ago, would like to the progress since then :-)
Hi @adithya, a lot of new users came on last month so we've been fixing issues and adding features as quickly as possible. For example, Web Search could only return results for US, UK and Canada but now you can choose most countries around the world. You can also search using Cyrillic, Chinese and Hindi symbols. You can now search by Topic in Video Search. Search Filters have been added to Video Search so you can set criteria before your search. You can tell it to search for videos related to your query published since 1st September that have the most views, for example. I realise the UI and UX need improving so that's the next big project. Thanks for your interest, Adithya!