Adwords Shopping Software

Create & manage AdWords Shopping Campaigns in 3 easy steps.

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Thanks Kevin for hunting us :). AdNabu's latest software allows you to create Google AdWords shopping campaigns in 3 easy steps. - Sync merchant center - Create shopping campaigns - Optimize shopping campaigns AdNabu on the background will create shopping campaigns with all the best practices (single product ad groups, device level bids, brand and category specific campaigns) for all your products automatically. it will also create campaigns for new products whenever you add them to your e-commerce store. Our bid optimization software also optimizes your campaigns every single day for maximum sales. With AdNabu you only need to setup campaigns once. Say goodbye to tedious maintenance and happy selling :) Ohh btw we do support regular search, call only and app install campaigns too in AdWords PS : Special coupon "HUNTERSROCK" for ProductHunters. Get extra $100 credits for standard and premium plans
Great work, guys! Your software can facilitate business persons to create and optimize AdWords-related shopping campaign. Well, eCommerce websites have started gaining traction of customers online, and many brick-and-mortar traders opt for an eCommerce store. www.Configure.IT platform can help merchants to develop a mobile app for their business without much technical knowledge while taking advantage of a growing mobile platform.
@niteshmishra_ Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked our product :)
All the best guys. Nice work.
Could you still use this product if I already have Shopping campaigns running but just want to optimize them? Or would I need to make a separate campaign for the software? Overall - this looks great! 😊
@anmolbajajnet you would need to create the shopping campaigns again through our system (it takes hardly 2 minutes though). The reason why we insist on new campaigns is that it is the only way we can ensure the shopping campaigns follow all the best practices. Would be happy to talk more :)