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Hey Hunters! We are the team that brought you @Visabot - the chatbot that is helping facilitate the influx of international talent into the U.S. I signed around 50 NDAs last month and it was always was a pain trying to get one together while rushing from meeting to meeting. This tool has helped me hire several engineers and designers and has also helped me share my plans with partners and potential investors. @andrey_zinoviev as a lawyer with dozens of startup clients knows that running your day-to-day business can be difficult, even without the added time and expense of dealing with a lawyer. This is especially true for startups that use NDAs daily and usually need them drafted with quick turnarounds. Advobot is a magic way to create your bespoke legal documents effortlessly in just seconds and sign them online. Our legal clauses are drafted by the top lawyers in commercial contracts. Advobot turns the best legal expertise into the documents tailored for your particular case. We have started with an NDA to keep your secrets secret ;) Use this unique opportunity to get your free NDA with Advobot!
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Great product, guys! It will save everyone tons of time.
@danil_gontovnik We hope so as well!
Will definitely use it! Well done guys! Do you plan to add the standard investment documents like SAFE and KISS-A?
@micrum We plan to roll out SAFE, Convertible Notes, Series Seed, and a whole host of other documents. Stay tuned!
Super, very useful. Hope you will add soon different types of agreements, not only NDA.
@timraiter Thanks, which one you would like to have ?
@goldman_artem Intellectual Property Agreement for developers)