Ask a VC anything for $20. Proceeds go to charity.

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Roger Dickey@rogerdickey · Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
Thanks for checking this out today, Product Hunters! We created Advice.vc because of the huge supply/demand imbalance between a VC partner's time & the founders that want it. Founders get easy, instant, and anonymous access to top VC's to ask whatever they want without fear of embarrassment. VC's get a simple, fun way to donate $20 to charity for a few minutes of their time. 100% of proceeds go to charity. Hope you like it!
Ehab@deleted-267290 · Co-founder, WebMenu
@rogerdickey You guys should submit Advice.vc to WebMenu. Great way for users to stay connected.
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Mitchell Lee@dontmitch · working on pennyapp.io
This may not jive with your vision, but it'd be cool to donate $x to see everyone else's questions/answers.
Mani Karthik@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Great idea. Simple and executed well.
Roger Dickey
@rogerdickey · Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
@manikarthik Thanks Mani!
Todd Goldberg@toddg777 · Mailjoy, Past: Eventjoy (YC W14)
Love this idea. It would be cool to see the total amount raised for charity to date.
kurt braget@kurtybot · developer, entrepreneur
@toddg777 great idea
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
I like this a lot. Especially because it's all for charity. :))
ben Watanabe@benwtnb · 96 Problems
@v4violetta Was going to say that it seems a lot like https://clarity.fm/ but focused on one specific area. Definitely like that it's focused on charity given their focus
Ty Martin@tymrtn · Founder, Turf.ly
Very cool @rogerdickey. I'll have to try this!