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Hello PH friends! is a new project from the Automate Ads team. I'd like you to meet Zoey, your new AI-powered digital advertising assistant. 💁 Zoey can help you keep track of your Facebook ad performance data right from Facebook Messenger. 📱📈 You can start a conversation and ask Zoey almost any question about any of your ads account data. Here are just a few of the many questions Zoey can answer: 1. Can you show me the best age group by CTR last month? 2. How are my ads doing this month? 2. How many impressions in the United States yesterday? 3. Best gender by CPC this month? 4. How much did I spend on ads this year? 5. What happened on my ads account in March 2016? 6. CPM last month? 7. Best locations last week? 8. What was my CTR today? 9. Can I see a performance summary of last month? 10. CPM yesterday? Ad channels currently supported: Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns Ad channels coming soon: Google Adwords and Twitter Ads Bot channels currently supported: Facebook Messenger and Slack! Bot channels coming soon: all of them. If you are interested in the backstory that inspired us to build, check out this blog post I published: We will be actively improving Zoey based on the questions advertisers ask her, so feel free to get creative and don't be upset if she doesn't know the answer just yet. She's still learning. 🎓 Click here to start a chat with her in Messenger: Finally, your experience chatting with Zoey won't be very great unless you have a Facebook ads account to connect. For those of you who want to see her in action and do not have an active Facebook ads account, check out this video:
I've already told Andrew this but I dont understand why the landing page practically has nothing on it 🙈 So tell us what it is, what does it do, what does it look like, why do I need it, why should I use this?
@bentossell This is partially because was built within the last week which included several sleepless nights in a row. 😴 Truthfully we felt that the landing page wasn't a huge deal as the entire experience lives in Messenger/ on the bot's FB page itself. So we put something up quick to launch an MVP asap. 🚀 I do agree we need a bit more info though and we will be adding some later today! :) Detailed explanation posted in my intro as promised. 💃
@torbahax yeh I get that but I think as bots are still a relatively new experience and to be honest a lot of people do not have a positive experience with some Facebook Messenger bots then I'd aways want a landing page before I started chatting. I think the idea is really cool though - I hated having to plow through faceboook reporting tools, before I used the sprinklr platform.
@bentossell Completely agree, bottom line: the landing page needs more info! :) You just hit on two of the big reasons we built 1. It is still early, but the great majority of chatbots that exist today are largely useless and early feedback has been a big collective "meh." That does not mean that the future is not bright for chatbots. We wanted to build the first practical, vertical-specific chatbot and I think we have a great start after our first week in. The beauty of it is, most of what we have already built out for the core Automate Ads product is powered by AI. We've been building in this space for years, gives us an opportunity to present our technology in an entirely new way. We plan on integrating optimization systems from Automate Ads into so Zoey can push advertisers actionable tips in real-time as their campaigns are spending. (i.e. this creative is performing 40% worse at the CPA level compared to others in your campaign, remove this ad? Yes/No) 2. I wrote about this in the blog post I linked in my intro comment, but you hit the nail on the head with Facebook reporting tools. There are endless options out there (including Automate Ads!) yet none seem to be able to provide the level on detail or speed advertisers look for. We use Intercom for all of our customer service, and 99% of tickets that are not product related are questions that Zoey can now answer for us.
Awesome job with this ads bot @torbahax 👌
Great idea @torbahax ! Instant value add, especially on-the-go. This is the first chat bot that I've been able to fully adopt. Can't wait for her to grow!
This is really clever! Always great to see experts build cool tools. Thanks for sharing!
@jjjams Thanks James!