Adventurous takes families on augmented reality adventures through their neighborhood while interacting with live actors. Rather than another game for kids to stay indoors and play, Adventurous gets kids outside to explore the neighborhood. 
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👋Hi Product Hunt! Thanks @katmanalac for hunting us. I'm Jeany co-maker of Adventurous alongside @cybergen. Backstory: I previously worked on Airbnb Families but the team disbanded before we could explore what the travel experience meant for kids. Growing up in a large, extended family, pop culture, and play and pretend is our common language and as a gamer and cosplayer, I had to leave Airbnb to start Adventurous. At a time where our experiences are becoming increasingly device focused, Brian and I created Adventurous to bring the fantastic and fictional world that kids love into the already magical one. We excited to have you explore the neighborhood while going on our adventures! Feel free to leave any thoughts and ask us anything!
Great team, great vision, great product
I love this product. Pokemon go for kids/families! Congrats on the launch!
This is so awesome. Can adults play too?? Congratulations on the launch and the epic video @jeanyngo @cybergen =)
@shaan_hathiramani Yes of course! @cybergen and I really built this for kids at heart like us, but our jokes are funnier for children, so they're our target audience.
Sooo awesome! Highly recommend. And the video is so good 😎🎉