Adventure Capital Course

How to pay off debt, learn and travel while at your 9-5

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Hey ProductHunters! I'm the creator of this course and very excited to be launching today! I paid off $40,000+ in debt (in less than 2 years) while traveling the world. Last year I did a short webinar that taught you how to do the same. Dozens of people attended and the response was overwhelming with many now nearly 100% debt free! I've now taken that content, refined it, and made it better than ever before. And you guys get first dibs! This course is the culmination of everything I've learned to: 1. Pay off your debt 2. Land your dream job 3. Travel the world like a millionaire without breaking the bank (like how I snagged a multi-million dollar Villa in Ibiza for less than a hotel) The course is normally $200 but if you click the link above (or use the code PRODUCTHUNT), you get LIFETIME access for ONLY $39! Additionally, I'll be hosting a LIVE webinar this Wednesday to answer your questions and get you started on a better life. (don't worry if you can't make this one - I'll have more in the future) Hope to see you inside! Un Abrazo Fuerte, Ayman
@brokerchange Looks cool, but I would love to see some content from you before I sign up. Maybe a free mini course or a consistent YouTube channel. That way I could know your teaching style, the quality of your info etc before I take the plunge.
@joshdance 100% agree. I wouldn't buy an app without taking it for a test drive - you shouldn't take a course without seeing some of the content first. I've actually included 2 preview lessons on the sale page (at the bottom near the curriculum). Or you can go here: