Advenlife app helps you
* Set and accomplish your goals
* Create vision boards
* Create a plan
* Create to-do lists
* Include actions in your daily life
* Achieve something every day
* Track your progress
* Stay motivated
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Many cool features are coming soon. What do you think about the app? Would you recommend it to a friend?
I just want to know if there is any incentive methods to push someone accomplish their goals?
@mai_qiu We have Productivity score, which grows when you are completing your tasks and goals. We are also planning to add a social aspect to keep yourself accountable to your friends.
Jensen ChenSoftware Engineer @ByteDance
There are so many apps in China have same feature as your app. They all don't success. I always want to know the reason why? They have all features you mentioned. Except those, they have social module. You can post your daily life and progress. Anyway, hope your app can discover a new style and success.
@jensen_chen Thanks a lot for the feedback and insights. Yeah, we know that there's already a bunch of other productivity tools, but still the problem is not solved. There's no clear winner. Current state of the app is not final, we have a slightly different direction that we are heading now. Stay tuned and we'll see if we can get there :)
Jensen ChenSoftware Engineer @ByteDance
@denis_zhukov I am looking forward to your product's success.