Advencher Supply Co. is ... Outside stuff for inside people. Genuine & useful gear designed in New England.

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I’m passionate about exploring, gear, design, making stuff, photography, and intentionally misspelling words. Advencher Supply Co. is an intersection of a whole host of interests for me and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it leads. My mission is to create things I would use, being genuine and useful, paying a bit forward from each sale, and sharing the journey of designing and making merch. Hope you dig it!
@simplebits Really like the quality of the products you have on your store. I've been wanting to do something similar for my customers (home service Pros), and love the shirts & patch quality you have, would you be willing to DM me your supplier?
When I read "outside stuff for inside people" my first thought was about my wife, that never wants to go camping with me ;) I was expecting some gear and gadgets that would make backpacking more enjoyable for people who prefer the comfort of a home. Nonetheless, I admire the design of Adventure Log and hope you will create more unique items like it. Good luck!
@m_kowalkowski I solved that problem by purchasing, and renovating, an old Airstream. Now she gets to sleep on a memory foam mattress and I get to sit by a fire - and we're both happy.
I dig it!! Especially the letter pressed notebook and the awesome mug 😱😍
Nice products. Kudos on the letterprinting and sewing, looks like a beautiful product. I also really like the North Star t-shirt, but as a Canadian that would work out to about $65 - more than I am willing to spend on a shirt.
They all look awesome! I liked the whole idea, especially the skills patches.