Adult Emojis

Spice up your sext life with NSFW emojis

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Accounts are free. Emojis cost $25.99. Don’t worry they didn’t get my real email address and will never get any of my money. These aren’t funny or sexy (imo) who are these for?
@toffer_surovec Thank you for your time to visit us, appreciate greatly! Yes emoji packs are not FREE, we sell pack for personal use for those who love daily texting! We believe and we know that these emoji are the best in their category. Request you to see inside the app, probably you may change your view after seeing that. Keep Sharing Adult Emojis! Thank you again! :)
@adultemoji advertising your accounts are free then charging to use *any* of the emojis is dishonest. It doesn’t matter if they’re the best (they’re not), what matters is the dishonesty you display and didn’t reply to.

icons that are seen only in the 90's, have returned.

Quite expensive for what you want. They do not look like adults or sexy ...