Helping Application Developers Monetize their Apps

You can integrate up to 50 highest paying ad networks in single app.
@bogomep to be clear currently our iOS SDK supports 7 Top Ad Networks. For now we are focused on high paying ad formats as interstitial and video, and highest paying ad networks ( Charboost, AppLovin, AdMob, InMobi, Vungle, AdColony, Revmob), which giving best results for publishers. We are integrating more. If someone has questions, contact me or comment here.
@bgizdov is the CEO and a co-founder :)
This is a really cool idea!
@eric_seufert it's a product already :))) Maybe you can write about them in MDM?
@bogomep Sorry...this product was borne out of a really cool idea! :)
@eric_seufert I am glad you like it :)
@bgizdov How will you differentiate yourself from all of the other ad networks out there? (Also on your main page you have this sentence - "We just show 1 our ad on every 10th ad impression." While I know what you mean, it's awkward and comes across to me as lazy editing. Which then makes me wonder what else isn't quite finished in your system. Pet peeve of mine, but thought you should know.)
@SacBookReviewer we are not ad network, we are a tool which optimizing publishers ad inventory within supported ad networks. What this sentence means is to use our service the publisher paying with requests sharing model, he is making revenue from 90% of their ad requests with our platform, and we are making revenue from 10% of the ad requests. We will try to explain it better.