AdStage for Google Sheets is a hyper-affordable Google Sheets Add-on that enables any marketer to instantly get their blended cross-channel advertising and web analytics data into Google Sheets with a single query. Starting at $29/month.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
Looks amazing! Congrats team and can't wait to try it out
@sammmer Let us know what you think Sam!
We set out to build AdStage years ago to democratize tools for marketers that help them better understand how their ads are performing across channels. 25% of our customers reported using Google Sheets multiple times per day, with 28% using it weekly, and 21% using it daily. So, we decided to create a hyper-affordable (starting at just $29/month) Google Sheets add-on that lets marketers quickly pull blended cross-channel advertising data with a single query. Other solutions still require a manual process to bring data together from Google Ads and Facebook Ads in a single table. We felt like we could leverage the AdStage API to build something better. With AdStage for Google Sheets, a single query gets your ad data that has been normalized across channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, and more. We hope you enjoy AdStage for Google Sheets, and please leave any thoughts below!
Looks great and very affordable too - congrats team!
@bryson_runser Thanks Bryson. The hope is to make it a no brainer for any marketing analyst to pick up.
This is a great option for a majority of digital marketers running paid campaigns who need a low-cost, but highly customizable reporting solution.
@nash_h Thanks Nash - we agree. It's a great product to start with, especially for marketing teams already using Google Sheets for analysis.
This is great! I love the utilization of Google Sheets... something people are already using and familiar with. Great price too.