Automate PPC optimizations for search and social ads

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We originally set out for AdStage to set the stage for advertisers and agencies to access their search and social ads in one location. Today, we’re launching Automate as the first product on the AdStage platform that will revolutionize the marketing technology industry. It is one of many products that we will be launching that is built on top of the AdStage API. Automate supports cross-network ad optimizations that can be scheduled or ongoing. Alerts and dayparting are very popular. For more sophisticated advertisers, we allow users to create their own mini-bidding algorithm for the top performing ad campaigns. We have a free trial so make sure to try it out. We’re excited for this release and look forward to hearing your feedback here.
Does it work with AdWords ?
@jpvalery Hey JP, yes it does. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Twitter Ads.
Would be interesting to see the integration of Instagram ads as well!
@mrsharma Hey Nik, Instagram is actually fully integrated within AdStage (part f our FB offering). So this product works for Instagram campaigns and ads as well! Would love for you to give it a go.
@sahilio Nice will def give it a run tonight!
I like what I see here :)
Super product, well done.
@lakhanirahul Thanks for the kind words!