All-in-One Advertising Platform Now with Google Analytics

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Super proud to be an investor in AdStage... Sahil and his team have worked really hard on the product these past couple of years and I think they've now nailed it. In my mind, the good stuff happens between months 18 and 36 at most startups.... and this is good stuff! People really need a way to manage all these ad networks and spending. I have big expectations of AdStage.
@jason Thanks for the support, Jason. @LAUNCH was a big part of our early acceleration. You're also spot in with the 18-36 mos timeline. Important to set expectations things wont happen overnight. The grind is real!
I remember watching them debut on the @LAUNCH stage a few years ago. One of those products where you wonder why someone hadn't already built it before: create and manage ads in one place and run them everywhere that matters. Winners right out of the gate. Smart team too.
@brianalvey Thanks Brian. We remember that day like it was just yesterday! Perfect platform for us to announce ourselves to the world. We hope to see Recurrency on AdStage soon ;)
Hey all - very excited to announce our new Google Analytics integration. You can now manage your Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads from our platform while also building custom reports for Google Analytics to tie the loop on tracking and revenue to paid. 14-day free trial at - email me direct with any feedback. Thanks for all the continued support. It has been a great few years from winning @LAUNCH in 2013 to just having our 3 year anniversary.
Congrats on the launch, @sahilio !
AdStage is a premier product! I've had the chance to gain some insight from Sahil around online advertising and he's without a doubt one of the most creative minds in the space. Congrats to Sahil and the AdStage team.
@jordsto Appreciate the kind words, Jordan. All the love goes to the AdStage team, as they've worked tirelessly for years to get us to this stage. Just being in the office makes an expert in PPC out of you.
One of the cleanest products I've seen.