Adriel 2.0

AI marketer for small businesses just got better.

Adriel is an automated marketing solution for small businesses with limited budget and time. It provides an easy-to-use platform to plan, execute and optimize online marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.
+ Awesome CS team, of course.
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    I enjoied using Adriel! It was simple and easy

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Hello everyone at PH, Kevin from Adriel AI here! About 7 months ago, Adriel showcased Adriel 1.0 with an ambitious dream: Support Small Businesses To Thrive. Over the course of 7 months, we've been on a sprint to make Adriel simpler and smarter. Adriel has been loved by more than 5,000 business owners with thousands of campaigns launched worldwide. With your support and love, we were able to upgrade Adriel significantly. 🚀 So what's new in Adriel 2.0? » Automatic budget relocation among multi-platforms » Visualized one-page dashboard for multi-platform reports » Automatically generated copywriting from your website » Carousel & Video Ads for Facebook & Instagram » A tailored campaign proposal only with your website URL crafted by Team Adriel for $9 As we are always trying to improve our technology, we also work really hard to focus on our core values which shouldn't be changed or modified. 👍 So with Adriel 2.0, you can STILL enjoy premium service with: » NO contract to tie you down » NO monthly minimum budget » NO hidden fees to get premium features 🏆 Only for today, we are giving out $20 ad credit to fellow product hunters to test new Adriel and advertise your business online. Simply come to our website and start a chat with the following message: "My name is [your name] from PH and I would love to try Adriel 2.0 today." 🔔 If you would like to check a detailed step-by-step of how to use Adriel, please click the link below! Team Adriel is here all day to answer your questions, so if you have any recommendations and feedback to share, you are more than welcome to do so! Thank you! Kevin and Team Adriel
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Here's how it works. Check the process and pricing: 1. Sign up FREE 2. Click “New Campaign” 3. It takes less than a minute to give all the necessary information for your ads. (The most important data is your website. So as long as you have that ready, you can skip other parts) 4. First, Based on the information given by you, Adriel will create a draft for your ads. When it comes to “contents”, we think humans are still much better than AI so we recommend you provide some editing. 5. Second, you check and confirm the final edit. 6. You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google display, and Google Search all together or just the ones you would like to choose. 7. Set the schedule and a daily budget you would like to spend. You will NOT spend more than the max budget you set. 8. Then we ask you for your credit card information to start running your ads. Launch! 9. You don’t pay anything yet even after launch. 10. Adriel runs 1st review. During this review, Adriel will modify your campaign's targeting, keywords, and creatives if necessary. 11. Ad platforms such as Facebook & Google run 2nd review and the whole process can take up to 24 hours. 12. Once the reviews are done and approved, your ads go live. 13. Now people will see your ads online and start to click and land on your website. 14. You only pay when people actually click your ads. No Click, No Cost. 15. We charge every 3 days including a service fee of 19%. You can see how it was calculated and that is when you actually pay. There is no upfront fee, minimum cost or no hidden fee. 16. Now this is where it gets more exciting! Adriel’s AI system will monitor your cross-platform campaigns to optimize your ads by rebalancing your marketing budget. 17. You can also run A/B testing to find the most effective ad creatives. 18. Retargeting is also available, of course. 19. Our real human marketers also monitor your campaigns simultaneously to provide feedback that AI can’t do best such as creatives and keywords. 20. Right now, we only provide English, French and Korean for creative guides but we are going to provide more language support. 21. If you are satisfied with the results Adriel gives, you can continue running your ads to get more customers and grow your business. If not, you can simply stop at any time. But we know you'll come back. :)
Very useful and userfriendly