Let AI take care of your online advertising.

Need to advertise your product, service or store? You only have to tell Adriel about your business.

Adriel will understand your marketing needs, come up with the best ad strategy and run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Most process is automated by AI so marketing becomes incredibly easy and fast. And of course, there's no setup cost.

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Hi Hunters, we're super excited to introduce Adriel on Product Hunt! Adriel provides all marketing services that small businesses and startups need but currently do not have access to because of the high minimum budget that marketing agencies require. Due to these barriers to entry, it is hard for small businesses to compete with large enterprises. Small businesses try Facebook Ad Manager or Google Adwords to run ads on those platforms, but we know a lot of them gave up because they found those tools too complicated and it's hard to manage multi-ads on multi-platforms. With Adriel, they don't have to visit different sites to create campaigns and see results. Here's a list of things Adriel can do: - Automatically run ads on multiple channels (Done: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads; Coming-soon: Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Reddit, Yahoo Japan, etc.) - Automatically design campaign strategies including target audience profile, channel selection, budget amount, etc. - Automatically optimize campaign settings based on machine learning as we get more data while running the campaign - Automatically understand advertizers' marketing needs through a dynamic survey on a chatbot-like interface - Automatically make variations of ad creatives, such as banner images and text copies
@sophie_eom Needs a promo code to test it... Did I miss something?
@elizabethhunker Hi Elizabeth! You dont need to have a promo code to test it. If you have any question using Adriel, please feel free to ask questions anytime. You can click the chat button at the right bottom of our website.
@elizabethhunker If you're talking about "Referral Code" on our signup page, don't worry, you're not missing anything. It is just to track people who were referred by someone else. When you sign up and finish chatting with Adriel to create your first campaign, we put promotional credits directly to your Adriel account. For now we're giving $50 that you can spend advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google!
@sophie_eom But it did now allow me to sign up without the referral code. I got an error message.
@elizabethhunker Do you still have the same error? If yes, could you please report this via our intercom chat CS? Thank you!

Strongly recommend!


Really awsome product! lucky to know this :)


will figure it out and write later

Thank you Moohyug! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tested it and was very happy with the result. 5/5 stars


Does an amazing job! The pre-made ads are adjusted for each media and save you loads of time.


Some information unclear (e.g. file-type needed); the AI saves you a lot of time but you still have to adjust some things manually

Thank you so much for this feedback. We will improve the service based on your valuable review!
Great user experience. Will host a Facebook campaign and see how it actually works. Amazing first impression though. :-)
@satishprakashgarg Thanks Satish! If you have any questions using our service, please feel free to contact our team.