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Optimize your website's ad layout for better ad revenue, without compromising on user experience.
Hey Guys, I'm Atul - cofounder of AdPushup. It was a pleasant surprise to see AdPushup being featured (thanks @neerajt4)! AdPushup is a self-service platform to test and optimize a web publisher's ads revenue. Highlights: 1) Visual Editor - We feature a simple visual editor, that makes it super easy to create (and therefore test) ad placements, sizes, colors, formats, networks etc. on a webpage - without any programming required. 2) Bandit Algorithms - These ads are optimized by employing bandit algorithms which ensure that better performing ad layouts are given more chance automatically (unlike traditional A/B testing where the user has to "exploit" winner manually). 3) User focussed - UX/UI of the page is constantly checked to make sure that the ads don't adversely affect the layout of the page, and the ads revenue isn't maximized at the cost of user experience. Think of AdPushup as an automated robot - you suggest multiple ad properties (placements, colors, networks, sizes etc) to it and AdPushup plays and measures various ad layouts, selects best best performing ad layouts, and subsequently increases ad revenues. It's that simple! And yes, our system is always on the front foot, so whenever banner blindness kicks in, the system stirs up things again to identify the "new" best performing ad layouts. We currently support AdSense (for which we're also a Certified Partner) and all sorts of desktop and mobile websites. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you guys might have, technical or product related :)
@atulagarwal Hi Antul, looks like a great product, we have a few properties we would be interested in testing this on. I just signed up for the platform, ping me directly so we can talk about testing options.
@domydeal Sure thing! We'll get back to you soon!
Anyone would like to give us some overview about this?