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Excited to be on Product Hunt. @_jacksmith thanks for hunting us.

We know the struggle about previewing banner ads to your clients, and manage all their feedback in emails. That's what we are trying to solve with Adpiler.

Create a preview page in 1 minute:
- Overview of all ads
- Preview ads in real websites
- Clients annotate feedback Γ³n the banner
- and more ;)

Hopefully this will make your life easier, banner-designers. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
Sandro JazzarΒ β€” Founder, Digital Labs
Cool product @jorritb ! But I have a Q. Do you plug in to AdWords and get the adsets tp preview automatically?
@sandrojazzar Thanks, great question. Currently you can upload any zip-file with html5 or image ads. We see most users use the platform to get feedback from client and final approval, before uploading the ads to the ad network.
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