Measure your startup's marketing impact in a single metric

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2014
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This platform allows you to get a better understanding of what people think about your brand. You can then plan marketing activity based on actionable insights.
@erictwillis thanks for the find & also for expanding on what we do!
Is this Klout for brands?
@MackFlavelle Maybe the founder Chris @ChrisJsays from @adoreboard or someone else from the team can come and discuss it.
Great question @MackFlavelle. The short answer is not really. Although we’re flattered you use this analogy. Others say our measure, the Adorescore, is like a stock price for brands. In summary, we measure in real-time the key indicator for brand behavior: emotion. And that’s not all that we do. We believe that brand measurement in general is ripe for digital disruption. That’s why we’ve created an easy to use platform guiding users from insights to action. We find this has a wide range of applications from competitor intelligence to a cost and time effective way for replacing the traditional brand survey. I hope this answers your question. Thanks, @chrisjsays Ps. it took us a while to get the lovely M badge so we could respond, hope you enjoyed a coffee or so in the meantime. Also be sure to give us a try:
Love seeing NI startups on here.
@jte hey Jordan we met at @wiplive event, best of luck with Create 2014 and you should drop by Adoreboard campus - we make a mean cuppa tea!