Adopt An Emoji

Help Emojipedia go ad-free by adopting an emoji today.

Hi , I’m Jeremy, the founder of Emojipedia. We updated the site today to add a faster search feature, more emoji images, and this "adopt an emoji" feature. If you adopt an emoji, you get your company name, message, and link in a prominent place on that page. Users get all display ads removed on emojis that have been adopted (win-win, I hope). Use "producthunt" as the promo code to get 25% off the price of an emoji adoption. Your message will stay on that emoji for a whole year. Any questions about Emojipedia, or the emoji adoption feature, please ask.
Like the idea Jeremy. If I had to adopt an emoji, I'd cheat and adopt two —> 🐎💨 (lovingly known as the horsefart, a surprisingly robust response to almost any conversation).
@fredrivett 🐩💨 for me
@yo Haha, touché
Awesome idea!