What if we could change the way we adopt pets?



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Jason O. Jensen@jason_o_jensen · JS development + political economy
This is amazing! Thanks for making this. Also thanks for making it available in Canada.
Artur SousaMaker@artur_sousa · FOUNDER
@jason_jensen thank you for supporting us! This is just the beginning.
Tregg@treggify · Designer
@artur_sousa love the site! I'd consider adding a share option for pets. Wanted to send a puppy to my wife but wasn't able to.
Artur SousaMaker@artur_sousa · FOUNDER
@treggify great ask! I will take care of that! Do check the "Ask your Friends" option, you can select 3 profiles and send to your friends to help you choose! I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one too!
Tregg@treggify · Designer
@artur_sousa yeah I like that option! I'd definitely use it to send to family members and see what they think. It's definitely higher commitment than just showing a puppy to one person though.
Artur SousaMaker@artur_sousa · FOUNDER
@treggify totally agree! Speaking with my team right now to get that done, the link is there (like copy and paste style) so that should be super simple! It will be implemented next, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, it helps a lot!
Elvis Wolcott@randomrumblegen · Voice app developer
Small bug: whenever you search it defaults gender back to male. Loving the site/app otherwise.
Artur SousaMaker@artur_sousa · FOUNDER
@randomrumblegen thanks Elvis! Damn bug, we will fix it!
Ryan Paugh@ryanpaugh · Co-Founder & COO, CommunityCo
Great to see this come to life @artur_sousa!
Artur SousaMaker@artur_sousa · FOUNDER
@ryanpaugh Thanks, Ryan!!!