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This looks awesome, very squarespace! i hate to relate conflicting sites but the elegance and simplicity is coming through from just a couple images, and the fact it's going to be synced with behance is so much easier. DRIBBBLE + SQUARESPACE = Adobe Portfolio.
"Publish once. Your work syncs seamlessly between your Portfolio and Bechance." <- YES!
As a ProSite user who has been frustrated for ages by the limitations of it, I can't wait to put my hands on this.
I'm excited that this comes included with the CC monthly plans, will definitely be giving this a try. The $9.99 tier is killer though, if I didn't need InDesign I would totally switch to that. Can see this driving new subscriptions.
@luqven It's an awesome deal, yeah. I'm stoked that Adobe opened this up to the Photography CC plan. $9.99 p/m for Photoshop, Lightroom AND a Portfolio website with access to fonts from Typekit is a fantastic deal :)
▼ Too much corp. Too much price. Too prohibitive. Not enough creative.