Adobe Fresco

A new drawing app from Adobe

Built for the latest stylus and touch devices, Fresco brings together the world’s largest brush collection with revolutionary new technology to deliver a natural painting and drawing experience.
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Why are you hunting a program that isn't even out? Completely defeats the point of the community.
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@ayushpokh I know, but people also post products that yet to be launched or kickstarter campaigns for a product that could be made or launched in a year allll the time....
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@ayushpokh @edisonjoao6871 That's exactly what the "Coming Soon" category is for.
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@ayushpokh @edisonjoao6871 Kickstarter campaigns are different in that they're actionable. Interested hunters can contribute to the project and at least pre-order. On the flip side, the coming soon category doesn't seem to push notifications or gather as much interest for several reasons (that have nothing to do with the hunted products content or quality). Having said that, IMO it's not such a big deal.
@ayushpokh @brettwill1025 say that to the people that do that lol
@ayushpokh @markypc3 it's not a big deal and it doesn't really matter, but it still matters. It just over shines and clogs the real products that have been made or makers that have actually built something you can use right now. It's actionable but it's still this "coming soon" situation that is fuzzy
Ah seems like a @Procreate competitor