Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams bring creative work and teamwork together. With the Creative Cloud app for Microsoft Teams, designers can easily share their work, get feedback and stay up-to-date on actions taken on their assets.

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Hey Hunters! I’m the PM leading cloud extensibility for Adobe’s Creative Cloud. It feels great to be launching Creative Cloud for Microsoft Teams in this community! We know creatives use many tools, and chat-based applications like Teams are a great way to share assets, get instant feedback and stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your work. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Here’s a quick summary of how you can get the most out of this integration: * Pin a Creative Cloud asset to a channel tab to remove the file hunt and get feedback easily * Use message extensions to share Creative Cloud assets in a rich, memorable chat message * Keep track of comments left in Adobe XD prototypes via notifications delivered by the Adobe Creative Cloud bot We're at Day 1 of integrating with the tools that you already love using, so we’re super excited to share more with the Product Hunt community in the near future. Thanks!
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But all we ever want is Slack everywhere an a Creative Cloud that make sense!!!
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