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Hi All. A lot of you have asked the difference between AdNabu and similar tools. I have listed the main differences here - We are an end to end solution for AdWords search from campaign creation through optimization to management - Our software can be used by experts and new users alike - The most important part of a campaign is how keywords are structured. it is an overlooked part of campaign creation by most users and softwares. I have written a small blog post about it here : and - In short, given a small search query "interior design", We would find related keywords and create separate keywords and structure them in the most efficient way - We believe our bid optimization to be superior because we have information about how keywords are related to each other and can use this information when little or no data is available. for eg: we can approximate the conversion ratio of "interior design firm" from a related query like "interior design agency" - We constantly look for new keywords and add them back to AdWords. for eg: If we find a lot of people searching for "best interior design", The keyword will be automatically added to the system
We have used Adnabu's product and find it useful as we don't have in house expertise on Google Adwords.
@skipiit1 Thanks Subhendu for your kind words :)
I am the founder at buyhatke - a leading shopping research destination from India. As we help with decision making for users across all categories it was essential to create campaigns optimised to specific categories and long tail keywords. And adnabu did it for us with superb ease. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking at AdWords optimisation for their e commerce site
I find this product interesting, would like to know how you see this compare to (@49/mo for 10k in spend) or ($129/mo for 75k in spend) I would continue to use both listed services each month and still come in under you pricing based on the very low spend limits you have set.
@einstein999 Hi Jason. Thanks for the surprise hunt :). I will list out the main differences between AdNabu, AutomateAds and Optmyzr - AutomateAds concentrates on A/B testing of different ad sets to find the winning ad. We believe that the most important part of campaign structuring is overlooked here. A great campaign structure will allow you to bid for keywords with precisely what they are worth. This is exactly what AdNabu does - Optmyzr is primarily used by experts to manage multiple campaigns. The best practices are upto the advertiser to implement and at AdNabu, we ensure that you follow all best practices With respect to pricing, We have seen our customers to be happy with our performance with the said pricing. We are unique in many ways and the performance we can bring to the table far outweighs the pricing :)
I tried to poke around, maybe some video Tutorials would help, some things like audit are straight forward (audit doesn't notice campaign level extensions so it flags as missing extensions) but others are not so obvious, it suggested based on conversion data to drop all bids to a penny, clearly I did not run that properly
@einstein999 You must have missed the bid optimization target. Cost per convertedClicks should have been more than 1 (Give the current Cost of Conversion as a benchmark here)
@einstein999 Thanks for the feedback. We will be adding a few tutorials soon
@salilpa just add a taking head walk through. It's easy and personal. Keep it simple. When I view on mobile your mobile menu is open and hides half your website. Not sure if that's supposed to happen.
@loylee Thanks for the feedback, Loy. The mobile site is currently not perfect. We are working on a better dashboard. Its should go live by the end of this week. And yes its going to be even more user friendly :)