An open source admin user interface for your MongoDB

adminMongo is a web-based UI to manage your MongoDB. I'm personally using it for my private project (I'll post it on here asap.).

So, I do recommend it. adminMongo is awesome for who are using MongoDB.

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This app is used by developers on local environments and not to be used in production. This is stated quite clearly in the readme if it’s not clear just by the nature of the application.
Hi @mrvautin thanks for building adminMongo. We built a neat new Web-based interface for Mongodb called Mongoku, on ProductHunt here: Feedback welcome
Like we will use that
Does it have any advantage compares to Robo3T (formerly robomongo)? Accessing from web is not designed for production, I guess.
@hnvcam Robo3T is pretty schmick these days. Not sure adminMongo has any advantage other than being a web application. And yes, it’s a development ownly tool.
@mrvautin May I have some suggestions here? I'm using Robo3T every day, I think here are a few things that developers would love to have: 1- Instant edit: In the result of queries, clicking on any value will allow me to change that value and update to the server. Similar to what phpMyAdmin provides. In reality, the document is quite big and complex, but editing document in Robo3T isn't convenience as you have to find the props twice, in the search result and in editing view even though it's displayed as formatted json. 2- Query suggestion/hint: I'm sure most of devs have to google for the format of update query or some comparison statements. At the early stage, you can provide the sample query. Moreover, you might want to display search result as table (similar to robo) as the document is quite more complex than what you had in the screenshots. Cheers!