Dashboard design starter pack for Sketch & Photoshop

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$99, yikes.
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Hey, producthunters!🤘 Design dashboards and web applications is always a bit scary thing – it's hard to start when you understand how massive and detailed should be the result. And even when you started it’s difficult to keep all synchronized, clean and accurate. The chance to keep away from chaos is to design in system – focus on entire project, not on each screen separately. And in that case it’s better when you have something to build your system on. That’s why we made Administrator and I’m really proud to introduce it to you today! It’s huge design system, contains, basically, all that you need for design web apps and dashboards. Fully customizable UI components closely related to each other and combined on different levels, regarding systematic design principles. For example, in Styles section you’ll find all first-level UI elements (or Atoms and Molecules as Brad Frost said one): Buttons, Inputs, Icons as well as style rules for layers and typography. In UI Kit section there’re second-level blocks, made of UI elements (Molecules + Atoms = Organisms). And by the same logic, in «Templates» there’re components from UI kit placed on layouts and combined in logical way. So, basically, it’s different levels of ready to use elements that can be used at every stage of the project. So, why do you draw pixels, when you can work with system? Use existing UI patterns and save your time for UX or creative tasks. Btw, we made a tutorial to show you how it works in details – check it out here: http://preview.administrator.des... So, hope it will be helpful for you as it is for us. Would love to know what you think and if you have any questions, you're welcome! Here is a code for all Product Hunters – PRODUCTHUNT20, it will give you 20% discount on Administrator. Take a look and try it for free:
@taragraphy keen to get one, awesome work. A question, how to apply 20% discount? No 'Offer code' field.
@stas_kulesh Hey Stas, it goes already with 30% discount, no need to apply it 😉
@nikkimarkov No worries, I'm just trying to get a better deal here :) Love the atomic approach. Keep it up.
All you need for creating dashboard UI and complex web applications in Sketch & Photoshop.
very useful and impressive, guys!
That's great!