The super fast ad builder

The super fast ad builder -
Build your own banner ads quickly with AdMaker, an easy-to-use online ad builder. Make your next online advertisement in just minutes!
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This is a nice conpect and idea but I don't love it, and this is why. - Low Quailty, This app will make your ads look bad and because of this it won't attract customers. - Watermark/Paid, I can see a watermark what makes me think there is a paid verison, I understand this and it makers sense, but there's not point to spend $9-29. - Price for Design, It looks bad and You could fix it but hiring a designer would be best that is ofcourse more expensive, You would be better off making it yourself in Photostop, Issulator, or Inkspace. There's some more cons, but I feel thesse are Important, The only 'Pro' about this is it helps you make ads and is afforable (depends). Have a nice day, Thanks for Reading ps. !canva is better than this all day pss. Hey Levi, Can you tell me about the Customers and Growth? psss. Every designing app is better than this.
@tregsthedev Hey Arav, thank you for your very really extremely helpful feedback, it is very nice to know that Canva is better and that people can use Photoshop, those things really just never occurred to me. I should have considered that before I made this. P.S. Watermark is removed during checkout
I work in the advertising industry at the moment, so i'm just trying to be honest with my point of view. I do think that this needs a rethink. Your ethos on your site seems a bit ironic as you acknowledge that banner ads aren't going away, and aim to help clients create more quality ads, but yet your tools primary focus seems to be the speed at which you can create 'basic' ads. If I were a sole-business owner or a small business I would use Canva or Crello, which feature more advanced creation tools, or if I were a larger business, an enterprise solution which would allow me to layer in deeper dynamic elements. I think you mean well with the product, but I just can't see who your target market might be. Best of luck with it!
Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out!
Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a little backstory on this project and some details: I currently work in the B2B advertising industry where it is very common for advertisers to not have access to a graphic designer or are working with old and outdated ads. My goal with this project was to help give those advertisers a quick and easy place to make banner ads and as a sales tool to help digital advertising sales reps refresh their clients or bring in older clients who have yet to switch to digital. This is built on Wordpress, utilizing WooCommerce and a variety of plugins to make it work as well as some custom development from myself to get the web app part to work. I am a big fan of this project and hope others find it useful! Let me know if you have any questions, Product Hunt is the first place I wanted to show this off to!